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  1. Square Tube Fittings METAL SQUARE TUBE FRAME FITTINGS (26 Apr 17) These are 1 inch square plastic tube inserts/fittings. You could use them for light duty projects like probably dog houses and canopies for bicycles or maybe even a greenhouse.

    ►25mm / 1in Square Tube Construction - use with 25mm Square Tube. Versatile & Colorful. Robust Multi-Purpose Construction System. Simple and Economic. Cut & Tap Together. No Welding Needed. No Painting or Drilling Required. A Versatile Construction system. Ideal For Work Benches, Shelving, Trolleys and Framework. New: A brand-new, unused, unopened and undamaged item in original retail packaging (where packaging is applicable). If the item comes direct from a manufacturer, it may be delivered in non-retail packaging, such as a plain or unprinted box or plastic bag. See the seller's listing for full details.◄
  2. Frame Connector For Floor Attachment GEODESIC FRAME TO FLOOR ATTACHMENT   If you look closely at the picture on the right which i am sorry is not very good, you will see a very critical
    simple part which can be used to attach an EMT geodesic frame to a lot of different surfaces; such as a concrete slab, or a wood platform/decking, or 4X4 lumber formed into a perimeter or footing. I have never seen this part before which is probably made of steel with a welded flange & holes punched into it for attachment to the frame members and the surface of the floor. I do not know what the dimensions are, but most likely a person could guess pretty close as to what is required for your project. I wonder if these commercial geodesic dome frame builders use this connector or something similar to put up their frames on some customers property.
  3. Geodesic Dome Hubs GEODESIC DOME CONNECTOR KIT FOR PIPE   I really like this product by the looks of it. These hubs are heavy duty black ABS plastic with Aluminum Rivets and are available in 1-1/4in & 2in pipe sizes. They are much stronger than you may think and can hold a significant amount of load. The instructions include a table showing strut lengths and quantities for each dome diameter in 1ft increments. These are Complex Geodesic Angles Designed with Simple Color Coded Assembly. "Choose-A-Size" Instructions for Domes between 8-16ft in Diameter. Amazon Prime TV Combine with your own local hardware store 1-1/4in or 2in PVC/Galvanized Pipes for Fast Assembly of a Complex Structure.

    ►Our Heavy Duty Geodesic Hub kit for 2in PVC/Galvanized pipes (Pipes not included) is designed to make the assembly of a complex geodesic structure as simple and fast as possible. Combined with your own local hardware store's 2in schedule 40/80 PVC/Galvanized pipe cut to the lengths defined in our instructions you can construct a dome any size up to 26ft in diameter in a matter of a few hours. These domes can be used unlimited applications including greenhouses, shelters, storage, chicken coops, events or covers. They can be combined with plastic/canvas covers, triangular panels, doors, windows or many other endless options. Kit includes: 26 ABS Hub Connectors, Fastening Hardware, Assembly Instructions. Proudly made in the USA by Natural Frequency. Backed by a 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects.◄
  4. Hopkins 90192 2x4basics Shed Kit HOPKINS 90192 SHED KIT   Lots of people have bought this shed kit (actually 2x4 lumber galvanized connectors) and it has a high star rating on Amazon.

    ►With Hopkins' 2x4basics 90192 Shed Kit you don't have to be an expert carpenter to put together a well-built shed. Only straight, 90 degree cuts are required. No miters or complex measurements are needed


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    to build your own shed with our patented connectors. You determine the size and purchase one, two, or three kits to make your shed up to 10 feet wide and 22 feet long. We provide instructions for 7x8 foot, 8x14 foot and 10x22 foot sheds. Easy to follow plans are included including materials lists, cut lists, and detailed instructions with step-by-step images so that even beginning do-it-yourselfers can build a professional-looking shed. Our 2x4basics Shed Kit is cost effective and can save you fifty percent or more over other pre-built and knocked-down shed options. You supply the labor & lumber for this weekend project. Our galvanized steel connectors are designed for use with sturdy 2x4 lumber framing making your completed shed built to withstand the elements. You choose the roofing, siding, and flooring materials to suit your taste and budget. Check your local building codes for additional requirements or restrictions.◄
  5. Small Steel Tube Shelter With Peak Roof. STEEL TUBE CONNECTORS   Well, here is a new listing featuring a steel connection system made in South Africa. This system uses steel clamps to fasten together 1 inch square tubing into many different useful shapes and sizes. They need to expand their line to include geometric shapes. The picture on the right is not very clear - sorry, but it displays one of the useful shapes that can be built. Also, be sure and visit their Facebook page by going here: You can contact Hannes on email: or cell phone: 0825621140.

    Cheetos Galore - Buy Up! ►You can now build strong steel structures with 25mm square (1 inch) tubing without welding or expensive equipment. The perfect DIY product. I am offering a Steel Tube Connection system linking together multiple 25mm (1 inch) square tubes without welding, involving relatively low cost production and material costs. Building frame structures with these connectors allows for firm and strong connections to be made without the need for welding, grinding, drilling, jig fixtures, and more importantly electricity supply. The design of these durable external connectors is manufactured from an integral sheet metal stamping. The square tube is clamped in between the two halves of the connector. The 2 halves are secured together with a galvanized 6mm hex screw and nut. The screws and nuts are only used to secure the halves and not intended to aid with the strength of the connector. The connector fits perfectly around the 25mm (1 inch) square tube providing stability and structural strength. Because welding is eliminated, any assembly can be dismantled and rebuilt using the same connectors and tubes. This allows for all the materials used in the assembly to be re-used even on different structures so long as the tubes and connectors are not damaged during dismantling and re-assembling. Existing assemblies can be modified by simply releasing the connector, adjusting the length of the tube to suit and re-assemble.◄
  6. Yescom 3 Way Connectors YESCOM 3 WAY NYLON CONNECTORS   These connectors are used primarily inside what is called a "Grow Tent". Grow tents are used to grow plants such as Daffodils & Spinach indoors. Some people say that the sockets are not deep enough so if this is a problem for you - you might consider using a 5/8in spade drill bit on a electric drill to deepen the holes a bit. But, be careful as these are nylon and can break easy. These connectors are designed to be held in place by the tension of the fabric canopy (Grow Tent) into which these are placed. Whether a person can use these in other applications with slight modifications i don't know.

    ►10pcs Replacement 3 Way Connector Corners fits for grow tents that use 16mm (5/8in) diameter tent poles. These corners are made of nylon, a new, highly-functional material well-suited for a wide range of applications. Compare to PPS, PC corners, our corners are more resistance to hydrolysis, chemical resistance, light weight, dimensional stability and heat resistance with a long-term heat resistance of 130°C.◄
  7. Steel Frame Hub Design ANTHONY SOKOLOWSKI GEODESIC HUB   Here is Anthony's "Steel Frame Hub Design" which he invented himself. He admits that it is similar to other steel hub designs, but has his own personal improvements incorporated into it. If you visit this webpage there are larger pictures of the finished product plus an actual dome frame which has been constructed using his hub invention.

    ►I would like to share my steel geodesic dome design. The concept is inspired by Leith Aitchison's hub design and based around a frame built from only steel sections and laser cut parts. The sections are made from a rectangular rhs and they are finished on both ends with a bolted grapple which provides the strut's axial angle. The grapples are sandwiched inside two hub plates with a single bolt holding the assembly together. See the attached drawing of how the hub, strut and grapple meet. With some help from friend and family, I have built a prototype to test the design. This dome is 5/8 3v icosa based with a diameter of 5 meters. The rhs used for this is 20x50x1.6 and all bolts are M10. See attached photos. A benefit of this design is that all of the frame can be pre-fabricated in a factory / garage with minimal metal working tools. The completed components only have to be transported on site and bolted together. I am happy to hear any feedback or comments on the design at this stage.◄
  8. Plastic Geodesic Dome Connector GARDEN DOME   These guys build geodesic frames for people plus they sell geodesic hub kits for those of you who want to cut and assemble your own dome structure(s). They are based in Vidor, Texas. Standard PVC plastic is used for hub connectors in schedule 40 high pressure type. Schedule 80 spec. is available for stronger hubs and may replace the need for steel hubs in some applications. Top Gift Ideas Please contact us for information and prices for steel and aluminum hub options.

    ►Discover how you can build your own geodesic dome. Use it for a greenhouse, animal shelter, cabin, workshop, studio, or anything that needs a strong covering. Inside these pages you will find a catalog of products we sell, with photos, drawings and illustrations. We hope you find our web pages informative and a resource for building your own Geodesic Dome using our unique Patented construction connector system. We make the best low cost do-it-yourself geodesic dome frames. We have the largest variety of types and sizes available. Our domes are designed using 3D computer programs. Our Connector Kits - construction hardware and plans - are the best option for do-it-yourself builders. Build your dome with lumber you purchase locally. Pine, fir, cedar and redwood work well. With our expertly done instruction manuals, just about anyone can build their own geodesic dome. This page shows some tools you will need. This page lists Connector Kit prices. We are a family business. Garden Domes are proudly made in the USA.◄
  9. Dome Connector DOME CONNECTORS   (NOTICE! I HAVE RECEIVED ONE COMPLAINT ABOUT THIS BUSINESS. PLEASE DO ONLINE RESEARCH BEFORE ORDERING ANYTHING FROM THIS BUSINESS. 30 MARCH 18.) This is a nice deal here. They make and sell geodesic dome connectors at a very reasonable price. I think their connectors are made from heavy-duty plastic. Complete information is available on their website including installation instructions. You can build different
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    size dome frames using their connectors. They have a nice website.

    ►Dome Connectors is a small scale plastic components manufacturing company. We design and manufacture plastic components that make it easy for the average person to build a geodesic dome structure. With a set of new, unique Dome Connectors you are able to easily create your own geodesic dome frame for 2x4 lumber. These domes can be used for many practical purposes like greenhouses, playhouses, sheds or cabins where the consumer needs a heavy duty super strong structure at a low cost. Building a dome structure once required expertise in geometry, carpentry skills and special tools. Now with our innovative kit, anyone can build a dome lumber frame.◄
  10. The Geodesic Frame Connector GEODESIC DOME CONNECTOR MEDUSA   Here linked to is a video showing a new geodesic frame connector for about 2 minutes. It looks pretty good, but be careful because it may have flaws. Videos like this remind me that it is important to get it right before spending the time & money building a structure. Meaning if the design of the newly invented connector is not really safe or adequate, then of course big expensive problems can develop. Perhaps a stress test would be something that would help determine it's strength. See the gaps between the stud ends and the metal frame? As one man pointed out this might be a problem for strength of the connector.

    ►Romano Romaker 2 years ago: I see one problem of tests of compression and tension. Problem in front of the wooden arm has a gap. Must touch, otherwise the wooden board breaks.◄
  11. Geodesic Dome Connector YouTube GEODESIC DOME CONNECTOR   This listing here goes to a YouTube video which in great detail shows the construction of a 6 spoke geodesic hub. The inventor uses like maybe 3in to 5in PVC pipe sliced into maybe 2in slices as the main hub onto which other metal parts are attached (See picture on the right). UBER GIFT CARDS I agree with some other commenters that the PVC should be replaced with steel pipe ring set-up.

    ►Some comments: Awesome idea and for all the people concerned about strength just replace the PVC with metal tubing . . . The 11 degrees can be done by simply beveling the end of the board being bolted to the bracket. PVC will deform over time and isn't strong enough for long term structural strength. Large electrical conduit would probably work well enough for non-human habitations and wouldn't be very expensive. I think a "Simpson strong tie" (brand) rafter fastener could be used for the "u" bracket at a considerable cost savings . . . The 11degrees can be compensated for by lengthening the bolts and throw 2 washers outside the PVC . . . Hole spacing is not important because the structure is compressive not torsional or flexural. The joint need only keep the beam ends from shifting around or crushing the joint itself.◄
  12. Bend A Shed Connector Display BEND A SHED   Here is a new connector system for you. By the looks of their website, these connectors are great for building smaller type structures such as small sheds and small cabins. This is a USA product. On their website they have free access to PDF files for shed building plans.

    ►Bend A Shed is an easy and affordable way to construct a shed or greenhouse with less material, time and effort. Utilizing a unique, bendable bracket system, Bend A Shed allows anyone who can handle a hammer to build a shed. Bend A Shed gives you 2X the shed value for 1/2 the cost. Check out our latest how-to videos! The Bend A Shed kits are designed to make: Storage Sheds, Greenhouses, Workshops, & Chicken coops.◄
  13. 12 Strut Dome Connector PVC 12 STRUT DOME CONNECTOR   This is something i have had in storage for a long time (i mean the picture). This item is part of Eric Randall's collection of online pictures which he calls his "Scrapbook". The connector used in this model is made from PVC plastic which uses drilled holes to accommodate
    Military Surplus Type Items
    what looks like galvanized lag screws which attach 2X4 lumber as the dome struts. You would probably use a ratchet wrench to install the lag screws into pre-drilled holes in the wood lumber/struts. It looks like a "Patented" product with patent number: 5,996,288. There is no information on the source website about this connector. But i did find this information: Grant - ‎Filed 20 Oct 1997 - ‎Issued 7 Dec 1999 - ‎Ernest G Aiken - ‎Aiken; Ernest G. Disclosed herein are novel architectural joints for use in constructing geodesic domes. The joints disclosed are less costly to manufacture and are of increased strength over prior art joints. Through the use of the joints disclosed, construction of novel geodesic domes not found in the prior art is now possible.
  14. Dome size compared to man DOME CONNECTOR   Well, this is a different technology here on my website: The use of 3-D printers to create dome connectors and maybe these printers can be used to create other types of connectors. In fact, i think the website linked to here has a dome connector which can be downloaded and used in a 3-D printer for making small model dome frames like what is pictured on the right. ►With a MakerBot account, you can focus on creating amazing things with your MakerBot® Desktop 3D Printer. Whether you're downloading the latest design from Thingiverse or stocking up on filament at the MakerBot online store. Browse the world's largest 3D design community for discovering, printing, and sharing 3D models. Join over 130,000 community members in downloading, sharing, and remixing 3D designs. We need your brilliant designs. Get on a 3D modeling program and/or 3D scanner and start to create, construct, and innovate! Build something cool, useful, or just fun. Then upload the file to Thingiverse and tell us all about it.◄
    Simpson Strong-Tie GT6Z Gazebo Connector . . . Click HERE Now!

  15. Star Plate attached STARPLATES   These have been around for a long time. They were invented by David Hamel in 1983. They are now being manufactured & sold by "Strombergs" a seller of chicks (not women or young ladies) & game birds. On the Strombergs website, click on the "Starplate Building System" link to go to the Starplate page. I don't know who else sells these. Stamped on the Starplates i have owned is: "EAST-WEST DESIGN INC" but i have never been able to locate this business on the internet (Update: Mr. Hamel wrote me and told me that East-West Design was sold and closed out). They were very popular years ago. The picture on the right is an example of someone building a small cabin using starplates. I have viewed these starplate frames closeup and i think they are probably quite easy to sheath with plywood or OSB because all the sides and roof panels are equilateral triangles: All 30 degree cuts. These metal connectors create a one (single) frequency dome. Click on the picture at the right to view a picture of these Starplate Connectors in use with framing and sheeting.

    ►Build Any Small Structure You Need, Easily & Economically! Starplates are steel plates, with channels to hold 2X2's, 2X3's or 2X4's. You simply drill holes in each end of 25 struts of equal length and bolt them into the 11 star plates to build a solid, mini-dome framework in UNDER TWO HOURS! Using STARPLATE FRAME CONNECTORS anyone can erect a sturdy, good looking building . . . In record time and using up to 15% less material and labor than conventional construction would require. Set includes 11 Starplates, complete instructions, bill of materials, dimensions achieved by using various sized struts, and helpful suggestions.◄
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  16. Paladian Steel Truss METAL PLATE SOURCE   This business specializes in heavy-duty steel connectors mostly flat plate with holes drilled for attachment into lumber. However, they also do custom frame connector jobs using your specifications. Picture on the right is of their Paladian steel truss used for heavy timber trusses.

    ►Please note: This site has a $25 low order fee on orders under $49. Products currently available: Over 1200 plate sizes in seven different materials and seven different shapes. Nearly 12,000 items to choose from! Simply click on STEEL PLATE, Then click on desired THICKNESS, Then click on the desired WIDTH, Then scroll down and click the desired length. The desired plate will appear. It will offer you a selection of: SHAPES: Rectangular ( or square) plain plate, Round plain plate, 2 hole base plate, 4 hole base plate. Choose "Custom Shape" if you want something different from our standard base plates or plain plates. Using custom shapes you can specify each individual hole location and size, corner radius, utility access holes and other shapes. Look for this list to expand as we develop more shapes in response to your needs. MetalPlateSource will be happy to quote your entire job. Please email your drawings to us at:◄
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  17. Tent Frame Connector Fittings GENESIS ENTERPRISES LLC   You can find the connectors that this company manufactures on their website link entitled "Parts". This is unique in that this business manufactures their own type of connectors. These connectors are suitable for canvas or plastic tarp type material as a covering.

    Audible Free Trial
    ►Genesis Enterprises LLC specializes in the manufacturing of frame tents, custom tarps, fabric booths, greenhouses and other custom fabric structures. We are a family owned company located in Allen Nebraska. Our product line includes frame tents and industrial fabric structures for a variety of uses including parties and events as well as commercial uses. We have also developed a line of specialty designed steel framed and fabric structures to meet our customers needs. We are able to customize in order to meet our customer' needs. Call us with your design or send a diagram or drawing and we can provide you a quote or different options. Our capabilities include sewing, fabric welding and metal fabrication including cutting, bending, welding and finishing of metal tubing. Fabrics that we use include vinyl from 10 oz to 18 oz. and heavier, polyethylene for cost effective and strong tarps, mesh in a variety of colors and shade cloth materials. Our joint fittings are made of 16 gauge x 1-1/2in steel tubing and are welded completely at each joint for long lasting strength. These fittings accept 1-3/8in galvanized tubing for a tight telescoping fit. Our standard finish is a durable primer surface and paint or powder coating is also available. Our poles are constructed of 1 3/8in galvanized tubing and are available in various wall thicknesses. Standard poles are 17 gauge, but Commercial Quality 20 gauge with thicker walls are also available. We make special fittings and frames to suit any application. Tell us what you need and we will design and make it for you.◄
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  18. Geodesic Dome Connector APPLE SEED GEODESIC DOME CONNECTORS   This is a project someone is working on using "Computer Aided Design" (CAD). It looks like not much work has been done lately though. Some of you out there might be interested in this and able to follow-up on producing some final model of this connector. The designer of this connector says: "Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!"

    Caskets & Coffins
    ►This is a geodesic dome connector for a pipe or pole. It's a new type of connector where it pivots around a ring between a minimum and maximum angle. This restricts the movement of the pole to the exact angles that are used in all the different types of geodesic domes, from a 1v to 8v design. The provided scad file has all the parameters within it to create the pentagon and hexagon connectors need to make a 1V to 8V geodesic dome. Set the outside and inside diameter of your pipe, pipe tolerance, the connector number, minimum and maximum flex angles and your good to go. You will need one or two vitamins, that could possibly be printed: 1. Two cotter pins per pole. 2. One steel ring. Both could be printed, but are not included. Your poles could be EMT conduit tubing with a hole drilled close the ends where the cotter pin goes through, if you did not have cotter pins or a drill you could use a rope to hold the poles in place by tying it from connector to connector. I do not have a 3d printer yet so I am unable to print this. If you print it I would like to get some feedback on how it worked for you. I have not yet figured out how to get the ring in the center or all the connectors. I thought perhaps you could print all five connectors then when the print got half way through the ring you would stop the print and place a ring inside then continue the print. This is something I will test when I get a 3d printer, and update the files as needed. V1.01 included nuts and bolts, in the scad file.◄
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  19. Lobel Frames LOBEL FRAMES   This site is unique in that it specializes in shapes which can be used in building projects all having the property of identical sides or elements as the author describes them. Included are frame connectors and coverings. Very important topics. This is a design site. I do not think any physical product is being sold here. But this is a good site about a design system that this person has invented. "Forms and Structures generated by identical elements." Click on "connectors" to view connector system.

    ►Picture on the right is of the connectors used to make the lobel frames. "This assembly is extraordinary. Whatever the position of triangles, the stresses converge towards the center. Cheap to produce.◄
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  20. T-Rex Framing Connectors CONNECTICUT POST & BEAM   Here's a new one fer ya. Another great labor saving connector used a lot in post & beam construction. Also available in different sizes: 3.5in x 3.5in - 6in x 6in - 6in x 8in - 6in x 10in and 6in x 12in.
    The Kindle Store
    These can be ordered online using PayPal if you so wish to buy.

    ►Our new concept using "T-REX" Connectors greatly simplifies the construction of post and beam buildings by eliminating the need to cut mortise-and-tenon joint. You will save both time and money using our method in the construction of your barn. After mounting connectors on the posts with wood screws, the horizontal and diagonal members are slotted, holes are drilled from the back side, and then solid pins are driven through the plates to make a strong, concealed connection. We have taken this complicated and time-consuming mortise and tenon process to a new level! You will be amazed how quickly your barn will be assembled using our unique "T-REX" Connectors along with pre-slotted, pre-drilled beams. We only use our unique connectors in the construction of any size post and beam building. Our exclusively designed post and beam connectors are extruded from 6061 structural grade aluminum, which is used in everything from ship building to skyscrapers. In addition, our "T-REX" Connectors are engineer-approved and unavailable anywhere else. There are many areas where our connectors will be an advantage – use your imagination! Whether it's a barn, a pergola, a sign post, or a deck rail, you can use our "T-REX" Connectors with your project. Whatever your project requires, we are ready and willing to work with you, and we ship anywhere in the continental United States. The owners, Pete and Greg, enjoy talking about building and how their post and beam barn company can compliment your ideas and projects. For stimulating conversation, call them anytime! When you are interested in being involved with our re-selling, marketing or advertising, call Laurie (727) 415-6488.◄
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  21. E-Z FRAMES   This is a complete system of connectors used to tie 2X2 lumber into many possible shapes and sizes. Picture on the right is of a chicken coop made using these cool connectors. If you click on my links here they will take you to an page which has a fairly large array of building possibilities.

    ►The E-Z Frame bracket is designed to make framing a structure an easy and quick process for anyone to undertake. It works currently in conjunction with 2X2 inch lumber and makes framing possible with just a few straight cuts of lumber.
    Cool Amazon Search
    The brackets take the brain work out of figuring correct angle cuts when cutting lumber and does that for you so a pitched roof is easy to put together. Since using E-Z Frames are almost like framing a stick-framed house, you can use the basic structure for any purpose and cover with the appropriate materials. It can be covered with a heavy 6mil plus plastic to create a background greenhouse to metal roofing and siding for a shed. They can be covered in chicken wire for a great chicken coop or tarps for hay storage in your yard or out in the field. Currently they are being sold wholesale or by kits through our vendors or on & We love to hear about any new ideas you may have for their use and welcome you to post your great idea on our site! Thanks for using E-Z Frames.   ~Chris Nunnallee-Hornung, President/CEO, Tabula Rasa Industries LLC.◄
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  22. Ball & Socket Connector DOME KIT   It seems like this site is making geodesic connectors for use in soft covered structures only. But, there are lots of ideas here which some of you may like. Picture on the right is of their ball-and-socket connector, makable with a 3d printer.
    Each strut has a ball-end cap that firmly snaps into central hub, forming a flexible joint. Click here to visit their "kickstarter" page.

    ►DOMES FOR ALL! We are developing parametric software tools and self-adjusting connector systems for making geodesic structures of human-scale proportion. We want to make it easier for everyone (both kids and adults) to visualize, play with, and create their own geodesic structures. In addition to the DIY flexible connectors we've already designed, we want to build and deploy a parametric software tool that makes it easy to generate domes of any scale. One of the hardest parts of dome building is getting the angles exactly right. So, we designed flexible connectors that allow each node to self-adjust to the correct position. We'll make them for you or you can do it yourself — all of the plans are open-sourced and easy to assemble. We're currently raising money on kickstarter to finance the next phase of this project. Please help us reach our funding goal so we can share these free, open-source tools with the world!◄
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  23. Geodesic Hub TEMCOR ROLLWELL DOMES   This company based in India has developed a complex hub but probably best used in large commercial applications. It appears in the picture at the right.

    ►Temcor strut and panel system mechanically locks the panels in place securely, incorporating a seal with a fully engaged gasket. This design is the key to being able to provide effective water and gas tight domes. The robust upper and lower flanges resist transverse deflection.
    Amazon Interesting Finds
    Long-term performance in the intended service is important – structures are designed to keep the customers satisfied for life without any maintenance. Temcor uses solid silicone for its batten seals. Silicone is an inert material not affected by UV. Proof of performance lies in the fact Temcor has never replaced a silicone gasket because of failure or diminished performance due to UV exposure. Silicone manufacturers such as Pecora offer a 25- year warranty. We have over 30 years of proven use. The closure system requires high degree of accuracy in the manufacturing process. This system not only ensures a good seal, but also provides a much higher ultimate dome panel load bearing capacity. The panels in Temcor domes are easily removed and replaced as deemed necessary, typically without the need to replace the batten seals. This unique feature is made possible only through the utilization of the Temcor panel engagement and sealing system. The ability to remove panels facilitates entry in areas of the dome where no access hatches had been provided, without affecting the dome's future performance. The use of lockbolts and precise part fit is enabled by high tolerance manufacturing, which in turn facilitate quick and trouble-free dome installations.◄
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  24. Picture of 6 Star Hardcore Geohub SONOSTAR HUB   This is another very nice addition to this website. This is a source for 1/2" PVC pipe geodesic fittings. You can buy directly from this website linked here. Please look at the pictures linked on the website which will demonstrate how useful these connectors are.

    Amazon Coupons ►Sonostar hardcore geohubs are the solution to the tedious task of crafting connectors to build geodesic domes. By using these hubs, you will reduce the time it takes to build a dome from days to just a few hours. The hubs themselves are made of tough, durable polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and they are solid in the centers, adding strength and functionality. When you go to cover your dome, you can attach it directly to the hubs themselves by screwing into them, without compromising the strength of the hub. They are engineered specifically for building geodesic domes - designed with a 10 degree curvature to naturally shape the dome as you build it. If you've decided to build a geodesic dome using PVC (schedule 40 or better) poles, then go with the leader in geodesic connectors: Sonostar hardcore geohubs. Please note, shipping is for USA domestic only. International Sales will be quoted by weight and destination.◄
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  25. Dome made using plastic connectors DIY DOME FRAME CONNECTORS   This is possibly a great find. This webpage tickles me because there is no explanation about costs or specs. But look at this frame connector. Probably made out of PVC plastic and has pre-drilled holes for accepting some kind of wood screw or dry wall screw, not bolts as is usually the case.
    Think about the low cost and ease of construction using this very simple system. All a person would need is these connectors, some wood screws, a cordless screwdriver with Phillips bit, & some 2X4 lumber to create a very beautiful dome frame which could be covered with almost any kind of material including plywood or plastic. I ran across this page by accident. The owner should consider selling these everywhere. These are much better than "Star Plate" connectors because you can make a much larger dome with a higher frequency. Picture on the right demonstrates a dome made using these simple plastic connectors. The pictures tell the whole story. Well, anyway, we'll find out about these in time, huh?
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  26. Fast Framer FAST FRAMERS   These are Galvanized metal connectors used with 2x4's for building shed or backyard home office type buildings. This connector system has been on the market for quite awhile, it's not something new.

    ►Fast Framer Universal Framing Kit. Eliminates angle cutting! Unique galvanized steel angles and base plates make erecting a building fast and easy! Great for constructing a storage shed, tool shed, mini-barn or boat house. Kit includes 24 steel angles, 12 base plates, material lists and plans for a 7ft Wide x 8ft Long, an 8ft Wide x 14ft Long, and a 10ft Wide x 22ft Long building. Order two framing kits for an 8ft Wide x 14ft Long building; order three kits for a 10ft Wide x 22ft Long building. Lumber and roofing materials not included.◄
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  27. EZ-UP Frame Connector EZ-UP FRAME CONNECTORS   Best used with projects of light structural framing. Possible uses might include camping tent or individual homeless shelter. You can throw a tarp over these frames to make a shelter.

    Amazon Fire $49.99
    ►EZ Up Storage Shed Kits - Fast Frame Kits - Quick Frame Kits These kits are designed to make the task of building a shed or barn safe and simple. With no angle cuts, assembly is simple using only a screwdriver and a saw. Only straight, 90 degree cuts are required — no miters or angles. Just add 2x2 or 2x4 lumber to our resin connectors to make a permanent, temporary, or portable enclosure quickly and easily. The 2x4basics Easy-Up Enclosure has many uses, including: Spring greenhouses, firewood covers, recreational storage, pet shelters, fish huts, duck blinds, storage sheds, dog houses . . . And more. Depending on how you plan to use your Easy-Up Enclosure, inexpensive poly sheeting, tarps, plywood, or our optional covers are all good values for the exterior of your Easy-Up Enclosure. We also recommend purchasing additional 1x2's for extra bracing when more permanent structures are desired (see instructions). All hardware is included. The completed Easy-Up Enclosure measures 8 feet wide by 8 feet long, by 6 ½ feet tall. Of course, you may make your enclosure smaller if you desire.◄
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  28. Adapt Metal Framework Tower ADAPT BUILDING SYSTEMS   This is a bolt together framing system for attachment of SIPs panels. I think you could use this system even for smaller homes or cabins. Erector Set anyone?

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    ►In developing Adapt, we reflected on the enduring usage in construction of "brick" and "stick". A considerable amount of the appeal of these systems is their versatility and ability to be field-modified to almost any shape. Architects and builders can take "brick" and "stick" to create and shape buildings to fit a site, a community, or the people who will dwell within; but not without a considerable amount of labor and expense. It is here that manufacturing can move the future of building "out of the box" and improve the building process itself while retaining the design flexibility inherent with more traditional methods. The Adapt system fits the bill on both of these counts. It is a frame and panel building system consisting of standardized components, where both the frame and panel can be regionally stocked and field modified to create almost any shape of building. The frame can be built structurally in three dimensions by making simple cuts on glulam timbers and the steel columns can be sized with a metal saw in the field (no field welding). The building frame simply bolts and screws together. The structural insulated panels (SIPs) are sized for ease of stocking, handling and availability of pre-finished surfaces. SIPs are easily field-cut or may come precut from the factory with openings for windows and doors. We invite you to put the Adapt system to the test. Whether you're working with traditional shapes that pay tribute to the beauty of the past or futuristic shapes from a bold tomorrow; we hope you find it a long-needed step forward in building greener, safer, and smarter.◄
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